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Life According to…Me

Life According to…Me

Hellloooo and welcome back to the Scenic Route to MD. I had my first block exams of the new semester this week so it’s been major study crunch time, and that doesn’t leave a ton of time for writing. Man, immunology and biochem study panic really takes up a lot of time! So I thought I’d mix it up this week and give you guys a glance at what my life was going to be like, at least according to 16 year old me.

Tell me you’ve subconsciously always wanted to go into medicine without telling me you’ve subconsciously always wanted to go into medicine.

Here we have a harmless little 10th grade project about life after high school it’s fine…

Big Plans…

Okay, so apparently 16 year old Jess really had it all figured out. I mean, comfortable with yourself at age 18 and already focusing on your future career? Bold.

Well, I will say I did make it from a baby waterslide attendant to a lifeguard around this time, so check that one off the list. (pool kid for life)

And straight to university? Good work….that definitely went a looot differently in real life and oh look, we’re still in it.

Magically working as a medical intern before even getting accepted to medical school because why not? Man I had some big ass plans for myself.

Making a good salary? If by that you mean adding on $1000000 of debt then hey look! We made it!

Does the part about having your own apartment still count as true even though now you’re 31 and living with your mom again? No?

Thanks a lot George…

First of all, Jess, why could we not seem to get the hang of the spelling for “focused,” come on.

I blame the television show ER and George Clooney personally for this life plan. I remember saving all my money from the pool because I NEEDED to buy every. single. season on DVD (and this was when one season would run you about $50-$60, and there were 15 seasons, oh boy.)

Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate how hilarious it will be if I end up really enjoying emergency medicine? 16 yr old me could have actually been onto something. (Jk the OR will forever have my heart).

Needless to say, obviously a lot (most) of these plans didn’t pan out as per the schedule, and that’s okay. I will most likely be closer to 40 before owning my own home, and my future children will 99% be dogs, but hey, we’re here now and that’s what counts.

What did you want to be when you were younger? Did you follow through or did your plans change? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy Tuesday everyone, have an amazing day and see you next week!



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  1. Janna
    July 16, 2021 / 8:32 pm

    Loved this Jess! so Cute! Everything in life that is meant to happen will happen at the right time and for the right reason.

    I always wanted to be a doctor when I was younger. Maybe everything didn’t happen the most traditional way, but it’s still happening. It’s the most challenging thing but I’m am living the days I once dreamed of.

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