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Scenic Stories: Neisha

Scenic Stories: Neisha

Name: Neisha

Where are you from? Canada

What country do you study/practice in? Nevis

Why did you want to go into medicine? I wanted to go into medicine because my sister was born with bladder exstrophy, and that had a huge impact on myself and my family. So I literally grew up in Sick Kids when my sister was born, seeing her go through numerous surgeries and recoveries growing up, and watching and hearing everyones stories about their children, speaking to other sick kids children and watching doctors literally helping my sister have a normal life.
Throughout school, I also had a passion for science as well and just fell in love with it and was good at it too! So I always had the mindset of being a doctor. I remember being in undergrad and just had the intention of being in medical school no matter what because that what was what I wanted to do, and I personally wanted to help patients like how the doctors had helped my sister.

What made you decide on the IMG/Non-traditional route? I decided on an IMG route because I initially applied to Canadian medical schools in Ontario in my fifth year of undergrad after taking the MCAT, however I was rejected. I then applied to the UK medical schools, and I actually had an interview with RCSI, however, I didn’t get past the interview portion. Then I decided on Caribbean medical schools because I did not want to spend anymore time in school doing a masters or PHD, I just wanted to go to medical school, become a doctor and start living my best life! I also knew my cousin also went to St. George in Grenada and now she’s in residency in internal medicine, so it opened to being an IMG. However being a Canadian student, I also heard so many negative stories which made me hesitant but I decided to apply anyways because my goal was to become a doctor. So I applied to St. George, Ross, Windsor, Saba, MUA. I didn’t get into any of the schools besides Windsor and MUA because I was missing my organic chemistry prerequisite. After doing research, MUA was a higher tier school and a sister school of Saba which made me lean more towards accepting MUA. However, because I was missing the organic chemistry prerequisite, I had to take the GMP course at MUA, then went into the medicine program at MUA thereafter.

Your #1 piece of advice for future students: Don’t listen to anyone and their opinions. Everyone is going to have something to say about you whether it be negative or positive. They’re going to give you unsolicited advice and things they’ve previously heard or if they think you’d even make it as a doctor. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM! They do not know your life or what you’re capable of. You know what you want to do and what you want to do to get there, and continue to believe and listen to yourself to pursue your passion because only your thoughts and beliefs matter.

What is your favorite way to relax/decompress during your downtime? My favourite way to relax/decompress is filming Youtube videos for my channel and doing makeup! It really calms me and takes me back to my time working at Sephora. On days that I do not want to do anything active, I’ll put on a sheet mask, put on some comfy lounge wear, put on my diffuser or candle, get my blanket and just watch Netflix!

Anything else you’d like to add? Being a medical student isn’t easy and sometimes people will either support you or choose not to and discourage you. It takes a lot of willpower and motivation to be an IMG especially with moving to a whole island and adjusting to a new life here. Ensure you have a small support group that you can always turn to when you’re feeling down and always remember to take breaks when studying because we’re not robots. Our brains also need a little TLC too! And enjoy the journey!! You’re only in medical school once, so enjoy it!


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