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Scenic Stories: Oris

Scenic Stories: Oris

Name: Oris Amegbe

Where are you from? I am from Boston, MA

What year are you in your training? I am in my 2nd year of medical school

Why did you want to go into medicine? As a child with pretty severe asthma attacks, I was in the hospital on frequent occasions. My initiation into medicine involved many great encounters with my pediatrician at the time. Her compassion, care, empathy and massive knowledge made me interested in medicine initially. From the age of 4, I would happily exclaim to my mother that “I want to be a kid’s doctor!” Of course, this statement did satisfy her. As I reached high school my interest was solidified with an internship at my local hospital in the Emergency Department as well as in the In-Patient Unit of the Boston Children’s Hospital where I was able to spend a good amount of time with terminally-ill patients who were always equipped with large hearts.

What made you decide on the IMG/Non-traditional route? The year 2020 was my undergraduate graduation year and I adopted the idea of applying to medical school immediately. With the year also came a Pandemic, which made me look into the Caribbean more, with many schools holding off on accepting MCAT scores and unfinished transcripts (due to me still awaiting graduation being halted due to the Pandemic). As I sat in my room preparing for work, I binged several YouTube videos on IMG physicians and how successful the route was for them. I interviewed at MUA, was hooked by the cheaper tuition and embarked on the journey.

Your #1 piece of advice for future students: The best advice I could be to any future students would be to be real with themselves. Figure out what you want out of life and work towards it. It does not have to be medicine, but whatever it is, make sure you do it and do it well.

What is your favorite way to relax/decompress during your downtime? For me, the best way to decompress is to play the piano when I am at home, watch some Netflix, and take a walk.


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